Search Strategizing

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Begin this series by watching the introduction video above. Then take a moment to reflect on your own experiences. Can you relate to some of the frustrations expressed in this video? Students and scholars today have an incredibly rich information environment right at their fingertips, but sifting through all of this information can be overwhelming. How do you navigate an ever-shifting landscape to find the information that actually meets your research need?

When approaching a search task the first question that probably comes to mind is: Where do I start?

Before you begin typing into a search box or aimlessly wandering the library’s bookshelves, it is important to think about the resources that are available to you and where you are most likely to find the information you are seeking.

As you work through the following exercises, consider not only what you are looking for but why. What is it that you’re hoping to find? What questions do you hope to answer? How does the information relate to you? Rather than simply meeting the requirements of an assignment, find your own purpose and let this guide your search. This will make your research much more meaningful and fulfilling.

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