Four badges make up theA�final a�?Metaliteracya�? digital badge, which certifies your completion of all exercises on this site, and your competencies as a metaliterate learner.A�Once you have earned a badge you may display it on a digital portfolio such as LinkedIn or Credly.

SelectA�’Show Details’ to see the steps involved in earning each badge.A�AsA�you successfully completeA�each step,A�it will be crossed off the list here.A�To see the badges that you have earnedA�so far,A�choose ‘Completed Badges’A�from the filter below.A�View the badges that you have left to achieveA�by choosing ‘Not Completed Badges.’


metaliteracy badge

Click on a badge to see the steps required to earn it.

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producer and collaborator badgeProducer & Collaborator

digital citizenDigital Citizen

empowered learnerEmpowered Learner

Download the complete Metaliteracy Badges Scheme.