Four badges make up the final “Metaliteracy” digital badge, which certifies your completion of all exercises on this site, and your competencies as a metaliterate learner. Once you have earned a badge you may display it on a digital portfolio such as LinkedIn or Credly.

Select ‘Show Details’ to see the steps involved in earning each badge. As you successfully complete each step, it will be crossed off the list here. To see the badges that you have earned so far, choose ‘Completed Badges’ from the filter below. View the badges that you have left to achieve by choosing ‘Not Completed Badges.’


metaliteracy badge

Click on a badge to see the steps required to earn it.

master evaluator badgeMaster Evaluator

producer and collaborator badgeProducer & Collaborator

digital citizenDigital Citizen

empowered learnerEmpowered Learner

Download the complete Metaliteracy Badges Scheme.