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Welcome to the Metaliteracy badging experience! You may be embarking on this journey for a number of reasons. Perhaps you are interested in learning a way to demonstrate your abilities to future employers. Maybe you would like to practice skills that will save you time and energy as you sift through and produce information. You might be curious as to what metaliteracy is and you are fascinated by the opportunity to earn badges. Whatever your reason for finding us, we hope you enjoy your adventure.

Our Purpose

The Metaliteracy badging project is designed with a focus on flexible, individualized learning. Here you will discover self-paced interactive quests and challenges through which you will learn how to produce, evaluate, select, and share information in ways that are useful to you. These quests will allow you to choose paths relevant to you as you navigate the constellation of available badges.A� Some of the skills and concepts that you will learn throughout this process include search strategizing, evaluation, information ethics, social identity, and metacognitive reflection. At the end of your quests, after completing all of the badges, you will have earned the final metaliteracy badge and will be a metaliterate learner!

A Metaliterate Learner:

  • Is an active participant, effective communicator, andA�interpreter of information in multiple formats.
  • Thinks critically and reflectively about information, working both independently and collaboratively.
  • Uses, shares, and incorporates applied information to emerging technologies.
  • Asks questions, expressing ideas in many forms that contribute to formal and informal scholarly conversations.

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producer and collaborator badge

What is Badging?

Have you ever wondered how future educators, employers, and peers will be able to assess and understand what you have learned? Have you ever wondered what the end goal, or competency, was from a lesson? Badging attempts to solve these problems. Badging lets you, the learner, demonstrate a particular skill or aptitude in a visual, shareable way. Scouting programs have been giving merit badges for decades a�� demonstrating what their members know and can do by displaying achievements on uniform sashes. Digital badging is no different a�� it identifies a number of learning goals, and lets you choose individual quests to help you reach those goals. Once you have achieved an aptitude in a learning goal, you are awarded a badge that can be shared on Facebook, LinkedIn, or in a personal Badge Backpack that can be sent to potential employers, instructors, or incorporated as a part of a portfolio. Badges can represent traditional academic achievement, or an acquisition of abilities like working collaboratively. Badges make your accomplishments visible and traceable.

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